Family History

Steve’s parents, Bud and Doris Divine, sailed down from the United States and arrived in the Galapagos in 1949. They settled on the island of Santa Cruz which had a population of less than 100 people at the time. When he first arrived in the islands, Bud worked as mate on a tugboat making supply trips back and forth from Panama for the United States Army Air Force Base on Baltra. He started a farm up in the highlands of Santa Cruz and later began running tours up to the highlands to see the tortoises.

When organized tourism first started in the late 60’s, Bud started running tours up to the highlands so that the visitors could see the tortoises. Steve started working with tourists at the age of 14, leading some of the first trips with tourists up to the tortoise reserve by horse and mule back starting in 1969 before there was a road. He took the Naturalist Guides course in 1975, and worked as seaman and guide on tour boats out in the islands from 1974 to 1984. From '84 to '01 land based guiding on Santa Cruz and manager for Inca Floats kept him busy and up to date on everything. This makes him one of the oldest and most experienced guides in the islands.

Jenny started running tours to Galapagos in 1979 and has organized and led some of the largest groups ever to come out to the islands. She started Moonrise Travel Agency in 1992 after the children were a little older. She was on the board of directors of the Chamber of Tourism, (CAPTURGAL), for 6 years and has made trips to Europe and the US representing this institution.