Galapagos Moonrise | Combination Tours
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On offering these services we try to maintain a local participation from all the sectors of the Galapagos population. We have a responsible, well trained staff who have lived on the island for many years and know the area intimately. This is our home and we are always available and on call whenever any problem or emergency should arise. Our islands are a destination known all over the world as a showcase of evolution in danger of extinction.

Tortoise Tour
4N / 5D
From $ 1,750 to $ 4,425  Per person

1.- Wed
Arrive at Baltra Airport / Highlands
2.- Thu
Noon on board / Charles Darwin Research Station
3.- Fri
Sullivan Bay / Bartolome
4.- Sat
Bachas / Cerro Dragon
5.- Sun
Caleta Tortuga Negra / Baltra

Dolphin Tour
5N / 6D
From $ $1,990 to $ 4,790 Per person

1.- Tue
Arrive at Baltra Airport / Punta Estrada
2.- Wed
Tortuga Bay / Shopping in town
3.- Thu
Noon on board / Highlands
4.- Fri
5.- Sat
6.- Sun
Kicker Rock / San Cristobal Airport

Cormorant Tour
7N / 8D
From $ 2,500 to 5,375 per person

1.- Mon
Arrive at Baltra Airport / Punta Estrada
2.- Tue
Tortuga Bay / Shopping in town
3.- Wed
Noon on board / Highlands
4.- Thu
Puerto Villamil
5.- Fri
Punta Moreno / Punta Mangle
6.- Sat
Punta Espinoza / Caleta Tagus
7.- Sun
Puerto Egas / Sombrero Chino
8.- Mon
Caleta Tortuga Negra / Baltra

Sea Lion Tour
14N / 15D
From $5,750 to $7,997 per person

1.- Sun
Arrive at Baltra Airport / Bachas Beach
2.- Mon
Mosquera / Cerro Dragon
3.- Tue
Tagus Cove / Punta Espinoza
4.- Wed
Urbina Bay / Elizabeth Bay
5.- Thu
Punta Moreno / Navigation to Puerto Villamil
6.- Fri
Puerto Villamil:  Sierra Negra / Centro de Crianza
7.- Sat
Punta Cormorant / Corona del Diablo / Post Office Bay / Puerto Ayora
8.- Sun
Daphne Panoramic / North Seymour
9.- Mon
Chinese Hat / Bartolome
10.- Tue
11.- Wed
Puerto Egas / Rabida
12.- Thu
Darwin Station Research Station / Punta Estrada
13.- Fri
Highlands and/or Beach and/or Snorkel and/or Kayacs
14.- Sat
Highlands and/or Beach and/or Snorkel and/or Kayacs
15.- Sun
Transfer out Baltra

Prices depend on the operator and category of service.

Depending on the day that you arrive we can arrange the itineraries. The Galapagos Park changed the itineraries recently, so the programs and itineraries may not be exactly the same, depending on the yacht. You also need to double check which airport you arrive at and leave from, as some of the yachts start and end in Baltra, some start and end in San Cristobal, some start in Baltra and end in San Cristobal and viceversa.