Moonrise Travel takes great pride and pleasure in welcoming you to the Galapagos Islands.   This showcase of evolution has been so recently settled and had so little contact with human beings that the wildlife here has no ancestral or acquired fear of people. When you visit  "Las Encantadas", you will enter  an enchanted Garden of Eden which you will share with animals and birds unafraid of people and  occurring no place else on earth. All the members of our staff are long time residents of the Galapagos and have an intimate, in depth knowledge of the area second to none.     Please come visit and let us share our islands with you.


Our islands are a destination known all over the world as a showcase of evolution in danger of extinction.


It is necessary to remember that the general conditions in the Galapagos are rather primitive...


Flight to the Galapagos Islands (land at Baltra's Airport or San Cristobal) meet your naturalist guide and board the yacht


Rancho Mariposa is a private preserve/ranch up in the highlands of Santa Cruz...