Galapagos Moonrise | A Month in Galapagos
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A Month in Galapagos

If you are lucky enough to have some free time you might like to consider spending a month in the Galapagos. We have prepared several flexible month long programs for those who would like to have a truly in depth experience and take the time to really get to know the islands.

Even though the Galapagos are 97% National Park, if you would really like to get away from it all, it is possible to spend much more time here than most visitors do. There are 4 inhabited islands, each of which has a port town on the coast and an agricultural zone up in the humid highlands, which are outside the Park. There are combinations one can do as for example you could take a regular week long cruise around the islands and then spend time doing day tours around each of the settled islands, or concentrate on just one if you prefer. We have comfortable apartments of 1 and 2 bedrooms with all the amenities.

The archipelago was referred to as “World’s End” by William Beebe in 1924; in many ways this is still true today and there is no place like the Galapagos for hanging out and relaxing.



  • Addr.:  Charles Darwin Avenue 564 next to the souvenir gallery and across
    the side street from the Giardino Restaurant.
    Puerto Ayora / Santa Cruz Galapagos / Ecuador
  • Tlf.: 593-5-252-6589/252-6348/ 252-6402/ 252-6403.
    When in Ecuador you simply dial 05 and then the number.
  • Cell or Whatsapp: 593-982920477 / 991921177 / 994118619

(593 5) 2524603