Galapagos Moonrise | Diving Itineraries
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There are only yachts that specialize in diving trips: due to recent changes in Galapagos National Park regulations, it is no longer possible to offer combined diving and land visits on the same yacht. The dive yachts are the most expensive and cost around $5,000 and up a week. Please contact us for special offers. The prices do not include the diving equipment, which is paid for separately on board the yacht. There are also diving day trips, which involve staying at a hotel on Santa Cruz and going out during the day to the nearby dive sites. Some Available

Some Available Itineraries
8 Days/ 7 Nights Sunday to Sunday

Sun: San Cristobal/ Isla Lobos
Mon: North Seymour/ Cousins/ Bartolomé
Tue: Punta Espinoza/ Punta Vicente Roca
Wed / Thr / Fri: Wolf and Darwin
Sat: Gordon Rocks/ Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz
Sun: Interpretation Center/ San Cristóbal

Some Available Itineraries
11 Days/ 10 Nights

Mon: San Cristobal/ Isla Lobos
Tue: Gardner Bay/ Punta Suarez
Wed: Floreana/ Champion/ Enderby
Thr: North Seymour/ Cousins/ Bartolome
Fri: Punta Espinoza/ Punta Vicente Roca
Sat/ Sun/ Mon/Tue: Wolf and Darwin
Wed: Gordon Rocks/ Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz
Thr: San Cristobal