Galapagos Moonrise | BUTTERFLY RANCH
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We offer camping up in the Highlands of Santa Cruz on a private ranch/preserve for people who would like to get a bit closer to nature in the Galapagos. You will be sleeping in 2 person tents with sleeping bags and pads in an open field among wild Galapagos tortoises with a great view of the Southern coast of the island. There are basic bathrooms about 50 meters away, but no showers for the time being. You can have meals at an open air restaurant which is also close by.


Butterfly Ranch is a private preserve/ranch up in the highlands of Santa Cruz where you can schmooze with wild Galapagos tortoises.  Come up and enjoy hanging out with and observing these gentle giants where they have come and gone unmolested for millennia during their yearly migration.  We have 500 acres adjacent to the Tortoise Reserve where a large percentage of the total Santa Cruz population roam at will through native habitat and farmland.
With many other attractions, such as the woodpecker finch, vermillion flycatcher Darwin’s finches and lava tunnels where one often encounters the barn owl, Rancho Mariposa is the place to come if you really want an in depth glimpse of Galapagos nature.    Also available for the more adventurous are camping and horseback riding.
For an entrance fee of only $2 we offer complimentary rum, Galapagos coffee, lemon grass tea and fresh fruit from our own farm.


  • Dark-rumped petrel
  • Dark billed cuckoo
  • Galapagos rail
  • Paint billed Crake
  • Common gallinule
  • White cheeked pintail duck
  • Barn owl
  • Short eared owl
  • Vermillion flycatcher
  • Large billed flycatcher
  • Yellow warbler
  • Galapagos mockingbird
  • Galapagos dove
  • Woodpecker finch
  • Large and small tree finches
  • Large, medium and small ground finches
  • Vegetarian finch
  • Warbler finch
  • Cattle egret
  • Smooth billed ani



  • Addr.:  Charles Darwin Avenue 564 next to the souvenir gallery and across
    the side street from the Giardino Restaurant.
    Puerto Ayora / Santa Cruz Galapagos / Ecuador
  • Tlf.: 593-5-252-6589/252-6348/ 252-6402/ 252-6403.
    When in Ecuador you simply dial 05 and then the number.
  • Cell or Whatsapp: 593-982920477 / 991921177 / 994118619